February 27th, 2009 - June 20th, 2009

This touching and hugely entertaining comedy provides insight into the lives of three sisters who are reunited for their mother’s funeral. The siblings reminisce about their childhood, but find that personal grievances have colored their memories. This powerful examination of the complexities of family is as emotional as it is hilarious.



“Frances Limoncelli’s cast for BackStage Theatre Company tears into the often-witty slabs of acrimony with fearless abandon . . . And for consistent comic relief, there’s Ron Kuzava as Frank, Teresa’s exhausted, cranky, but surprisingly warmhearted husband, who slides in world-weary home truths with effortless aplomb.”

- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune (Read the full review)

“Director Frances Limoncelli has assembled six incisive actors so attuned to the droll surreality of death’s bullying imposition…that the tiniest shared silences are packed with complex emotions.”

- Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader (Read the full review)

Cast & Crew

Rebekah Ward


Peter Cieply - Mike

Anita Deely - Mary

Franette Liebow - Vi

Frances Limoncelli - Director

Adrienne Smith - Teresa

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